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For a Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit.

Branches Yoga Studio will be forever grateful for the wonderful community that has become family to us.  Regrettably, in October of 2022, our sacred space was sold to a new owner and we were forced to close our doors permanently. 

About Branches

Happiness is a decision, not a destination.
Realize it with us!

Whether you want to relax, meditate, reduce stress, improve balance and flexibility, or work on your core strength, we are here for you.

Attentive Teachers

Our teachers strive to make each class personal to your practice.

Why choose us

It’s all yoga, all the time

Inviting Space

With the charm of a 200-year-old historic building, our studio is warm, comfortable and unique.  

Unique Community

Our community is like none other – welcoming, non-judgmental and kindhearted.


Our Classes

Let go of stress and anxiety

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa yoga practice connects individual poses with deep breaths in a series of flowing sequences movements

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga works deeply into the body with passive, longer-held poses.

Strong Flow

Slow Flow is a beautiful combination of strengthening the body through effort balanced with developing softness through the mindful practice of ease in a posture.

Our Teachers
Our Trainer

Experienced Teachers

Branches Yoga Studio unites a community of talented and passionate teachers who are devoted not only to the physical asana but also to the incredible power the practice can offer the mind and spirit.

Become a Member

Yoga makes you feel good

 in body by improving balance, strength, flexibility and overall health

in mind to bring you more balance and calmness

in spirit, as yoga teaches us that joy is always available to us no matter the circumstances

We’re here to help you on your yoga journey.

We can’t wait to meet you!


what our clients says

Every time I’m heading to classes at this studio my heart smiles. I love everything about it: teachers, location, community. It is a charging station, place to start, and a place to rest. It seems that teachers always know the right thing to say, aiming right at the heart through the breath and body awareness. I love you, Branches, and I’m very excited to see you evolve

Anastasia Client

The owners took over the prior space of Yogasmith in downtown Portsmouth, above Tuscan Market. Great location and they have made some fantastic changes already. Same instructors but cleaner, neater and apparently more good things coming. Love the early morning classes!

R. Gunner Client

I practice yoga regularly. Moving back home in a pandemic, my practice changed and I had to work through an injury. Branches has filled the void I was missing. Branches Yoga, formerly known as Yogasmith, is located in downtown Portsmouth. Branches is an inviting all levels studio. Props and blocks available; Covid safe. Morning and evening classes! Check them out!

Tiffany Client

Kerrie and Rich are professional and attend to your needs immediately. The studio has amazing instructors and a wonderful community. I recommend this studio with no hesitation.

Tricia Client

Great schedule. Wonderful instructors. Nice people to work with.

Mike Client

Branches Yoga Studio is home to me. This past summer, I made a commitment to practice weekly yoga in this space now known as Branches Yoga Studio. I was delighted to know that a fellow practitioner invested in maintaining this unique, and sacred space within downtown Portsmouth. The membership rates support accessibility. Instructors are experienced, and offer something more than just exercise. My favorite phrase as a practitioner is to “take your yoga of the matt and out into the world”. In other words, practicing yoga is a commitment to self, the community, and the greater good. Branches Yoga Studio is the embodiment of that philosophy. And, that is why I recommend you to become a part of this inclusive community.

Suzanne Client
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